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Soil amendment question.

14 years ago

I've been stuck with using a heavier-than-desirable mix for my plants, because nothing else has really been available. It seems like it drains fairly quickly but it's too heavy in terms of fine particulates and I doubt that it's particularly stable Recently, though, the only greenhouse in town's started carrying a few products that look promising. Wondering if anyone had any experience with them at all.

One of them is an... orchid potting mix that's mostly chunks of coir with composted forest material. It seems to be peat free. Might also contain pine bark.

Other two were some kind of volcanic rock (pumice?) and horticultural charcoal.

I'm guessing the volcanic rock would possibly be the best in terms of aeration giving its porosity. The coir seems like it would be bulkier and possibly prevent the finer particulates from clumping up and turning into cement. Also seen volcanic rock used by a few of the local C&S clubs. Not as sure about the coir (although it's supposed to be fairly sterile and not have the same fungus and bacterial issues peat does..?).


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