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Opinions on Lawn Care Program

15 years ago

For the past year or so I've been reading up on lawn care. Until last year I never really did much to my lawn but I'd like to improve it.

Last year I decided to I was going to start the Scott's 4 step program but come spring I forgot. After reading more I think I'd rather go organic or do nothing at all besides water and mow.

I found this organic lawn care program that will ship me the treatments when necessary. This should help me get things done on time Last year I applied a weed and feed a little too late and it seems to have increased my weed problem as well as burned some of my lawn.

It costs much less than having a lawn service come out and treat the lawn but I'm sure if I hunted around I could find the products somewhere and save on shipping. That probably wouldn't work out too well for me since I can't even pick up the stuff that's available locally at the right time. I'm never going to have turf_toe's lawn but I think this might help.

I'm also going to be core aerating and overseeding later this year. I tested the soil pH and will be adding some lime this week too.

The program seems to have everything I would need and the emails I've exchanged with them have left me feeling like they know what they're talking about. They even helped me identify some weeds I couldn't find. I was wondering what those of you with more experience thought about the program.


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