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Annual Organic Lawn Care Program

16 years ago

I just read the Organic Lawn Care FAQ and read with interest that the author says to apply grains only 2x a year. Part of me likes the idea of only having to pay for the grains 2x a year, but the part of me that enjoys toiling on the lawn wouldn't mind a few more application.

Regardless, aside from telling people to use grains, I haven't seen anyone really outline programs for the seasons, or talk about which grains are best for which grasses, climates, or seasons. In fact, maybe there is no such thing, or perhaps no one has studied it enough to be able to say which is best.

I've gotten a few things:

- corn gluten meal has a lot of protein, as does soy bean meal

- alfalfa is a more complete fertilizer, but not as high in protein

- compost can add some microbes into the can compost tea

- Milorganite seems like a magic fertilizer to some....and something to stay away from to others

- mow high, water infrequently

So far, first year in, I am on the right path - though admittedly I have probably overdone it by a mile. I've applied some corn gluten meal, soy bean meal and Milorganite this year, and my mowing is higher than ever. My compost tea is brewing. I haven't been as good at limiting my watering, but I will get around to that. Overall, my lawn looks good. I can't say it is the best the in the neighborhood yet, as I still have some bear spots to fill and my rye/fescue/Kbg mix is not as nice as a mono stand in my opinion, but it looks great from the street.

So what is YOUR annual program?

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