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Grassy weed(?) dominating my front yard

14 years ago

Hey, y'all. This time I have a yard question since my herb garden is coming along nicely and presenting no problems (PS: Dawn, you were right! I have lots of chamomile seedlings now!)

Underneath a large oak tree in my front yard there are large groupings of a thick-bladed, deep-green grassy weed. They grow sort of in clusters, and they have a huge fibrous root system that makes them impossible to pull up by hand. Instead, you have to dig them out with a hand tool, and this leaves large divots in the yard.

Whether this plant is a grass someone planted or a weed that blew here and took over I can't tell you. But I want it gone so I can grow some real grass.

Last spring, I decided to go medieval on this plant and get down on my hands and knees and pull up every last one of them with a hand mattock. I was able to dig up about half the plants, and I covered the soil with tall fescue seed.

The grass seed sprouted into lovely little spikes of grass that stayed green throughout the winter (although it didn't grow much).

Now that it's spring again, the plant has returned and is trying to crowd out the grass that I planted. Grr.

It might be a little late for a pre-emergent herbicide, but if I knew what kind of plant this was, I might be able to find a plant-specific post-emergent.

... Or I might spend more time on my hands and knees, wailing away at this grassy weed.

I can post pictures of this weed if it will help you identify it, or I can describe it further. Any ideas?

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