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What can I do right now?

11 years ago

Hello all,

I just recently moved to a new home in the Duvall/Carnation area of WA state (zone 8, according to the USDA hardiness map). We have three acres. We are in the foothills of mountains, and we get quite a bit of rain this time of year, and will be getting snow soon.

My questions is what can I do right now to prepare for the growing season(s)? I am a novice-level gardener, but I would like to grow a considerable vegetable garden. I'm interested in trying out the hugelkultur techniques as we have a lot of wood on our property. What should I be doing in terms of preparing and fertilizing soil? We have started a compost heap, but that won't be usable for some time (and I hope to start vermicomposting at some point, too).

Is there anything that I can actually grow this time of year? I would also like to plant various flowers and aesthetic plants on our property, as well as creating the vegetable garden.

I also have a large pond on the property, too (there is more info and some pics about that in the pond gardening forum).

Thanks for your input, everyone!

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