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New greenhouse - what can I do right now with it?

15 years ago

I just got my portable greenhouse up, it is a 12 x 7, more of a hoophouse type. I am in zone 6, SE Pennsylvania more specifically, and am so anxious to try some things in my new greenhouse, but I am not sure exactly what I can do. I am afraid it is still a little cold at night to do much of anything.

Can I start any seeds yet? Too early?

Can I try hardwood cuttings?

Plant up some summer bulbs?

Any herbs to try?

I don't have it heated. Although I was thinking about sneaking an oil-filled radiator type heater out there to keep it above freezing. How much warmer inside an enclosed type greenhouse would it be than outside overnight. I placed a min/max thermometer out there for tonight, so I will get somewhat of an idea tomorrow. Is there a general rule though?

I was going to divide some perennials, pot them up and put them in there to perhaps get a jump on blooms for the summer. Will that work?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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