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New Black Pine sprouts! What do I do now?...

14 years ago

Hello everyone! New member, and first-time poster to GW here. I have recently become interested in Bonsai, and had received a gift this past holiday season of a Bonsai starter's kit. It came with Black Pine seeds which I have since sprouted, and am happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of two new Black Pines which I am hoping to make into a pair of very nice bonsai trees.

Now then, I am curious where I should go from here. I have been trying to read up a bit more on bonsai and the black pines in more detail, but I still have a couple questions.

First, (please don't bash me for it) I sprouted the seeds in potting soil. I added some water, and covered them with a sheet of plastic to keep in the moisture until the seeds sprouted (2-3 weeks). Now that they are above the surface (.5"-1" tall now) I'm wondering what the next step should be. I am planning on planting these in a mixture of 50/50 pumice and akadama. Does this sound good for my climate and these trees? I'm obviously very open to suggestions as these will be my first bonsai trees.

Secondly, how long should I wait until I re-pot these with good bonsai soil? Are they ready to go now since they're growing, or should I let them mature a bit more in the potting soil first?

Thirdly, I had come across the idea somewhere that it is traditional/purist in Japan/China to grow bonsai trees in 100% sand - is this true? Would black pines fare well in sand only? I would really like to learn more about the history and traditional side of bonsai, and I would really prefer to go that route with my trees.

I would truly appreciate any and all help/advice/ideas that you may want to share about anything you have ideas on (climate, soil, . Again, these being my first bonsai, I am hoping to learn a lot through this process!

Sorry for the long post, but thank you all in advance!


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