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What do i do after seeds sprout?

14 years ago

Im a newbie gardener and im totally confused about something, for example alot of the seeds im trying to grow say start indoors 4-8 weeks before last frost, ok i know my last frost is about may 17th, what do i do with the plants for the 4-8 weeks? Im using peat pellets to start the seeds and im curious after they germinate what do i do with the plant for the 4-8 weeks until i plant it out, do i have to put the pellet in a larger container so it doesn't outgrow the pellet in the 4-8 weeks? Do i put them in sunny window? Outside? What size of container until its ready to go out into the garden? Im sure this is a really stupid question but its just something i don't quite understand.

Thanks you for helping a newbie!

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