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Verticillium Wilt??? What do I do now? New gardener needs advice!

9 years ago

Hi! I have 8 absolutely beautiful Amish Paste Tomato plants that have a ton of blossoms and many large fruits. Unfortunately, I just noticed that many of the plants have yellowing and dying leaves towards the bottom of the plants. The tops of the plants are thriving. It has been an extremely wet summer in MN and I struggle with grass/weeds in the garden, so I worry that they have brought wilt into the garden (I read that ragweed does that???). Does anyone know if that is what is going on?? Also, What do I do now? Do I need to pull out the whole plants or can I just let them run their course? I think all the plants have been infected, but there may be some that are OK. I'll have to take a closer look. If the disease is from the soil, wouldn't it spread regardless if I pull out the plants?? I was so excited because this is the first year that my garden actually looked like it was going to be successful!! I am trying to stick to heirloom varieties, so does anyone have any good heirloom varieties that I could plant in the upcoming years that are more resistant varieties? Also, I have summer squash planted nearby as well... do I need to be worried? So far it is looking good, but I DID loose my entire spaghetti squash crop last year to a mystery disease (the whole crop turned brown and died... maybe this disease actually started LAST YEAR with my squash and me being a new gardener, I was too naive to take pictures and look into the problem...).

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