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Stewartia sun exposure

13 years ago

I've wanted a Stewartia for quite some time now, and found one locally on sale, an S. japonica. I'm considering where to plant it. I have one spot that's got good room and it fits my needs there, which is for a small tree. However, it gets full sun exposure, and I read that Stewartia like some shade from late afternoon sun. I'm wondering if due to how far north I am and the fact that it will be planted in a mulched bed of well composed manure over very fine sand if it will be OK in full sun. Will planting it amongst trellised clematis give it enough shade?

What is your experience with this lovely tree? Dare I chance a full sun exposure? If not, I will have to probably expand a bed a bit so that I have a spot to plant my Stewartia.

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