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The hostas are down but the fence is UP!

15 years ago

Yup, everything is down here in southern Wisconsin also.

To make it worse, the development company that abuts our land put in their fence Tuesday, and I found out the hard way exactly where the property line was ... 1-2' into what I thought was our property. (The line is very angled and no one seemed to know where it was.) I have hostas entirely missing, hostas on MY SIDE of the line trampled and signs misplaced. Any of my plant markers on their side of the line they just tore out and threw on my side; they dug up a 2' x 3' rock that straddled the line & put it on my Gold Standard and Lord knows what else.

I had removed 80% of my collection from this area already this summer so I'm grateful for that. The only reason I had not removed these is #1, I thought they were on my side of the property line and #2, the whole area was in litigation in an adverse possession suit which I fully expected to last another year. However, we found out Monday that the development company had somehow coerced the former owner of our home to sign an affidavit saying he had permission from the development co. all those 30 years to mow the lawn, use it for target practice with guns and bow/arrow, store his boat. Yeah, right! You have to have 20 years and our suit was based on the former owner. We have been offering to purchase the land all summer/fall which is often how these suits get settled. It was just a small strip of land in what is to be a 1 1/2 to 2 acre lot! And the houses there won't go up for another 5 years...and that's if anyone will be able to afford these million dollar homes.

They did dig up a Guacamole and just threw the clump to the side which I grabbed and planted by my house while they lunched off site. The sign is totally missing but I can make a new one. On a good note, the fence is a two-tiered split rail and actually looks nice. I was afraid they were putting up a orange snow fence! And, when I found out the property line bisects Wisconsin's largest black cherry tree, I almost had a coronary! Seriously, my B/P was dangerously high for a couple of hours. I had to leave with my DIL and take Norvasc to get it down. Thankfully, the fence stopped a few feet from the tree trunk and I imagine they will do the same on the other side.

On another happy note, my DH likes the look of the fence and is allowing me to extend existing beds on our side and connect them all to make everything look in proportion again. So I have all winter to make new plans. I also told DH to dump all the shredded leaves for the rest of the fall on these new areas. Should we put black plastic down under the leaves or do you think the leaves alone will really kill the grass?

Getting over and on with it and looking forward to a new season,


p.s. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving next week!

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