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MA Fall Swap Sat Sept 13th

14 years ago

Hi all,

I wanted to ask one thing. I don't really have a functional backyard, so I was imagining all the swapping would take place in the front. We live on a very quiet street, so there isn't much traffic, but there is some. Would y'all be comfortable with that? I don't want people to arrive and be put off by the fact that the swap space isn't perfectly private. I do have a large front porch and plenty of shade, so too much sun wouldn't be an issue. Let me know if that sounds fine with folks.

Oh, I have plenty of parking.

So to start here are my plants I imagine I'll be swapping.

Black-eyed susan

Clethra alnifolia - Summersweet - species, not a cultivar

Chocolate Chip Ajuga

White Creeping Phlox

Early Spring Blooming Daisy...maybe Oxeye Daisy

Coreopsis grandiflora - traditional yellow

That's all I have, I think. Can't wait to see everyone!


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