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15 years ago

I rarely have time to spend contributing to any other forum on GW other than New England but this evening I thought I would lurk around the United States and read what our gardening neighbors are chatting about. Can you share with us your thoughts regarding how similar/different you feel regional gardening techniques are, what thread did you find to be the most fascinating, what region do you think shares similar challenges as new England? Did you learn anything or did you have something to contribute to any of these forums? Would you continue or do you already contribute to other regional forums? kt

Southeast CoastalGardening

Mosquito Repellent Plants

Rocky Mountain Gardening

What's the best way to get rid of bindweed???

Midwestern Gardening

Neighbor dog pooping on my lawn

Xeriscaping &

Southwestern Gardening

How do you get a mesquite tree seed to germinate?

Ohio Valley

Spring Hill Nursery sale in Tipp City

Ozarks Region Gardening

mid season garden report

Mid-Atlantic Gardening

I quit.

Southern Gardening

Highway sound barrier plants

Northwestern Gardening

What are you enjoying from your garden now?

Great Lakes Gardening

in hindsight, what invasives would you avoid?

Gulf Coast Gardening

Plants you don't want to fight again!

California Gardening

Saliva clevelandii in pots, pls help

Gardening in Florida

Unusual Vegetables

Gardening in New Jersey

Hemlock Help - Wooly Adelgid

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