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What perennials should (can) I move from MN?

16 years ago

I'm moving to Oklahoma from Minnesota. I have a little garden in MN. Last year I collected lots of seeds, but I wonder about my perennails. I was thinking I'd just leave them for the next owner... but maybe not?

What I have:

Hosta (20 plants or so)

Rhubarb (1 plant, with a grapefruit sized root ball, planted last spring '07 and grew minimally)

Red and white peonies, mixed together in a patch about 18" across

Chives (zillions of them, garlic and onion chives)

Thyme (three plants put in spring '07)

Sage (big plant, 4 years old, near compost pile)

Iris (salvaged from someone's trash last spring and planted, they seemed to do well, but didn't flower)

Day lilies (20-30 plants in different clusters)

A burning bush

Snowball hydrangeas (6 plants, all over 10 years old, maybe 20+ years - they have 6" diameter trunks)

Astilbe (1 clump)

Yarrow (1 clump)

My problems are three-fold:

- I don't have a house yet, so I don't have anywhere to move them into the ground. I could pot them up and keep them at my mother's place until we get a house, so only things that will survive 2-4 months in containers can be moved.

- Since I don't have a house, I don't know what I'd *want*.

- I have limited space to use to move them, which makes the hydrangeas just impossible. I can only move what I can put in a sedan - a sedan that will have my clothes and some other stuff in it too.

I'm moving at the end of next week and everything is still in the frozen ground right now. On the plus side, they're dormant, but on the minus, it's going to be tough to dig them out.

What do you think I should do?

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