Please Help to ID? Leaves like Aquilegia...


Hello, I am relatively new here to the gardenweb forum (been coming here so often in the past year - time to join up thanks for all the info here by the way!) and new to this area I live in and am trying to identify all the flora around me.
I have included a photo...

I thought these plants would come up to be Aquilegia flowers when I saw the leaves all around but then I am surprised with unknown flowers I've never seen before.

Could anyone help me please? The flowers are very tiny and have been open for about a month now in zone 3a-4a.
Thanks :)

(hoping this is the correct forum ... )

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Iris GW


Looks like a meadow rue, perhaps Thalictrum occidentale. Where in Canada do you live?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to info

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I agree. Meadow Rue.

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