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Citrus Experts Please Help - Why Do My Leaves Look Like Death?!

11 years ago

Hey there,

I have a kaffir lime, meyer lemon, and bearss lime, all in pots for years now (I'm in Michigan). Last year I first noticed the leaves trending yellow on ALL my plants, though the ones I have owned longer moreso than the newer ones.

I described my symptoms down at the garden center and they recommended fish emulsion. I added that per directions, and it did seem to help green them up, but nowhere near to the rich, dark green I have on my brand new plants from Four Winds.

So I up-potted everything this year, and added plenty of a general-purpose slow-release fertilizer and nice fresh potting soil. But alas, no dice. New growth looks as sad as the old.

What I've gleaned from the results of Internet searches on my symptoms is that if it's not nitrogen they're lacking (which the fish emulsion seems to have ruled out), then it may be magnesium.

My uncertainty comes from my leaves not matching any of the symptom descriptions I'm reading about. I don't have the apparently quite common dark veins and light elsewhere so much as it looks like the leaves have been somehow burned.

Below are two leaf pics: the 1st is of the lemon and lime together (pardon the shadows). The 2nd is a better image of the lime alone. If anyone can help pinpoint my nutrient deficiency I'd be ever so grateful.





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