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northern grown southern grown who cares?

15 years ago

Doesn't matter where a hosta is grown it has the same genes and will perform whereever they get a dormant period.

Growing in MN or AL doesn't change the genes, it may change the conditions they are grown in, no more.

AL may have more hot days requiring more water and being watered in the heat of the day to cool them, no more.

Doesn't matter if they are grown in the north and shipped to the south unless they are grown in the shade and planted in the sun this year. BIG BUTT the same is true if grown in the south in the shade, no more.

It is true that some hosta perform better grown in the north than the same plant grown in the south but that is cultivar specific which relates to the genes of that particular cultivar no more.

There are so many cultivars and the gene pool is so great that we would have a problem knowing which ones will perform or not in our particular garden with out particular care. It is not worth trying to figure out which ones should be purchase or NOT, no more.

Relax, apply the energy to figuring why a particular plant does well in your particular garden with your particular care, no more.

Ken figured how to grow in sand, I figured how to grow in clay and the rest can figure out their particular garden with a little help from your friends, no more.

Buy anything you want, if it dies buy it again! After the third try give up on that particular cultivar which leaves you some 5000 more to try, BUY MORE.

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