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have: want list for mag spring swap may 6 in burtonsville md

17 years ago

DIRECTIONS for the WANT list:

1. Post a list of the plants you want, ideally with Latin names to avoid confusion, and cultivar names if they have them and you know what they are.

2. Read other people's lists. If you see things you want and would like to swap or trade for, e-mail the person to arrange it.

3. Do NOT arrange the swap or trade on this thread.

4. Do NOT post a list of plants that you HAVE for swapping or trading on this list. There is a separate HAVE thread for this purpose.

5. Do NOT discuss who will be bringing what kind of Bavarian apple tart food to the swap. There is a separate HAVE thread for food.

6. Do update your member page with your Haves and Wants.

Comments (52)

  • oogy4plants
    17 years ago

    I am so unhappy! Voles ate most of my strawberry plants.
    So far, I want:
    Strawberry plants

    I am also planning a new border along a path and want:
    Lirope (lots)
    Short ornamental grass
    Short border plants

    On my perennial wish list are:
    American beautyberry
    Wild Geranium

  • cecilia_md7a
    17 years ago

    Hey, Pprof - I'll be bringing this year's crop of garden mags, including FG. You're welcome to any of them.

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  • ryanzone7
    17 years ago

    Thanks cecilia, that would be great!
    Also, if anybody has any excess bulbs (tubers, corms, rhizomes) they are willing to get rid of, I will gladly accept them and give them (the plant, not the person) a good home.

  • rich_in_nfpa
    17 years ago

    Too much to list here -- check my trade list.


    Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

  • avoirgold
    17 years ago

    I'm with Rich on this one. Please check my trade list (link below). I need everything as my yard has nothing but overgrown bushes. :-(

    Oogy, if you still have the Catnip unclaimed, I could use some.

    I will be bringing food, but let me know if you want to make any other arrangements for trades. I do have some houseplants.

    Thanks All!!

    Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

  • juliat
    17 years ago

    I'd love dry shade plants, and trillium or bloodroot -- dare I dream? -- but I would also appreciate:

    Hellebores with clear colors
    Japanese Painted Ferns
    Most ornamental salvias
    Lemon thyme

    And again in the laughable dreams category:
    Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape-holly)
    Calycanthus - the red-blooming one that does smell nice
    Other relatively pest and disease-free shade shrubs, LOL

    Thanks - hope someone has some of these!
    Also, please read my exchange and member pages to find out my real email address -- it's not the one GardenWeb has on its email form.


  • cecilia_md7a
    17 years ago

    Does anybody have any forsythia they could root for me? I'm probably the only gardener in MD who doesn't have any.

  • kimka
    17 years ago

    My usual wants
    Japanese Painted ferns
    Christmas ferns
    cinnomon ferns
    Ostich ferns


    Blue blooming caryopteris

    Black eyed susans

    Coropsis yellow and or red flowered

    Cardinal flowers red blooming

    Foxgloves, if my seedlings damp off

    The names of people I promised blue monk's hood divisions to last fall so I don't over promise divisions. (I have a memory like a steel sieve).

  • heyruthie
    17 years ago

    I'm here! I am still quite confused about how all these various 'haves' and 'wants' get published--and where. But, I've updated my profile with some of mine! I'm a first-timer, and I can always bring food!!

    Here is a link that might be useful: My haves and wants

  • reginak
    17 years ago

    strawberry plants
    clove currant

  • gardengranma
    17 years ago

    I am interested in hellebores, fruit trees, hazel nut suckers, rose cuttings (rooted, etc. See my trade list, it's pretty complete. You can make up your mind when you come to the swap, after all it's at my house.

  • cfmuehling
    17 years ago

    Hello all!

    I'm in a stinky position this year. As some of you are aware, we had a house fire in December. Mostly heat and smoke damage, but where there's air, there's smoke.
    The restoration people took everything out to be cleaned, replaced or reimbursed, and threw out my bulbs and seeds. So no winter sowing for me, and no spring planted bulbs.

    Along those lines, I am hoping someone might have some canna bulbs to share. I'm looking for red or bright orange. I had 'Bengal Tiger' 'Lanape' (with the bronzey striped foliage) and 'Red Futurity' I was looking forward to seeing bloom. I also lost my dark maroon dahlias. The seed collection I can only muse over, because I had so many I was going to plant.

    I would love some 'Burgundy' Gaillardia, Spiderworts, Creeping Jenny, Lungworts, Salvia - blue and/or reds(Steven, got extra this year?), Agastache that is peach, some of that new Black Jack (?) sedum? Gosh, things that take full sun. Extras.

    Luckily, as anal as I am, I have plant and seed records, so I'll be able to be reimbused for stuff like this, but in the meanwhile, I have pretty much nothing to share.

    I shall bring lots of brownies Food. And lots of it. Wahhhhh.

    Thanks for thinking of me!

  • juliat
    17 years ago

    Christine - I am going to bring you a big tupperware box full of seeds. Some are last falls, some a year older, but they should all germinate fine. Achillea, probably red salvia, regular purple foxgloves, and a gazillion seeds that I didn't plant this year. Have fun! Do you need any common daylilies, coreopsis, rockgarden iris, or anything I listed under 'haves'? Let me know.

    Kimka - How do I send you email? I've got blue-blooming caryopertis ('Dark Knight') - I can give you a young plant that rooted itself last fall from a layered branch I guess, coreopsis 'Creme Brulee' (yellow) and purple foxgloves (unless the seedlings expire in the next month). Do you have any of my 'wants'? Please let me know! My email address is what I've listed on my trade/mypage, not the GardenWeb email form. Thanks.


  • kimka
    17 years ago

    Oh Christine,

    I'm so sorry about the fire. I hadn't heard before. I can provide spiderwort divisions, although my markers have been lost and I won't know what colors you'll get--blue, purple or white. Since I have mostly shade I don't have much else for you unless you need blue monkshood. For annuals, I have a bucnh of calendulas started: pink zeolights and oranges. I've also got some mammoth stocks if you want.

    Julia, I'll send you an email about a trade.

  • tabassam
    17 years ago

    My wants/desires are:
    Hot Lips Salvia
    Black & Blue Salvia
    Jacob Cline Monarda
    perennial Lobelia
    origanum kent beauty
    lamb's ears
    salvia van houtii
    variegated vinca vine
    I'm sure I'll dream up some more.

  • kilngod
    17 years ago

    Oh, the things I'd love to find...

    Solidago (Goldenrod)
    Saffron Crocus
    Ostrich Fern, or other tall ferns (3+ feet)
    Hens & Chicks, any type/color
    Lilly of the Valley
    Peonies, any type/color
    Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern Sea Oats)
    Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' (aka Golden Moneywort) & other yellow Creeping Jenny types
    Lambs Ears - any type, silvers especially
    Tall Grasses (3' or higher) that tolerate partial shade or shade
    Black bamboo, clumping (not running please)
    Dusty Miller, any type
    Milkweed, any type
    Bee Balm, any type


  • shadyside
    17 years ago

    Hi Tina--this will be my first swap. I have oodles of Lily of the Valley and I would love your Ajuga. If you see anything else on my have list you want, let me know--I could always use more Hostas--souds like we have the same type of shady yard! Let me know--Susan--shadyside

  • gardengranma
    17 years ago

    Does anyone have last year's directions? If so, please post them.

    We are at 15716 Allnutt Lane, Burtonsville, MD 20866. Try

    We are north of Rt. 198 at the end of Allnutt Lane (left hand side). Follow signs once you get to Allnutt Lane. Don't worry, be happy.

    If you are lost, call 301-421-0284.

  • avoirgold
    17 years ago

    Here is a link to the address above using

    Here is a link that might be useful: Henrietta's House

  • sawreck
    17 years ago

    I am desparately seeking all the green standard size liriope I can get. Sandy

  • MichelleMM
    16 years ago

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for blueberries and strawberries! Also hydrangeas and mandavillea!

  • kellyray
    16 years ago

    I'm new, so any shade-tolerant plants would be wonderful! More specifically:

    *something that will nicely cover/camoflauge a chain-link fence
    *something that will cover a small trellis that will also be OK in a container
    *anything that's just particularly interesting or pretty
    *an appropriately-sized, lidded container that I can use to store and shlepp kitchen scraps to the compost bin
    *wisdom, advice, and knowledge!


  • kimka
    16 years ago

    Three more wants

    Redbud tree saplings
    Variegated solomon's seal
    rooted forsythia (yellow blooms)

  • juliat
    16 years ago

    Wanted: a way to get in touch with Kimka...


  • brenda444
    16 years ago

    My wants are:

    Lily of the Valley
    Christmas fern
    Hen & Chicks
    Always looking for plants native to Maryland!

    Sorry I don't know the botanical names!

  • leslies
    16 years ago

    I am new to the MAG and to the swap, but I have some HAVES and will post them on the other thread. My wants are endless, but maybe someone can help me with these:

    amsonia hubrichtii (seeds or plants would be welcome)

    aquilegia canadensis - the little red and yellow one - seeds OK.



    vernonia (New York ironweed) - seeds OK

  • gardnwatch
    16 years ago

    I'd love to have...
    Iris - any, I love them
    Lilies-- named preferably,not common ditch
    Rose cuttings- rooted

    Please check my list for things you might want.

  • krgallo
    16 years ago

    This is my first mid-atlantic swap -- looking forward to it. Here is my list of wants:

    * -Mertensia virginica--Virginia Bluebells
    * -Variegated Solomon's seal (Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum')
    * -Lady's Mantle
    * -Common Bleeding heart (Dicentra species)
    * --Wild Ginger Asarum canadense
    * -Artemesia
    * -Snow drops
    * -Lily-of-the-Valley (Convallaria majalis)
    * -Helleborus
    * -Pachyphragma macrophyllum
    * -Chrysanthemum pacifica
    * - Lungwort
    * -Blue False Indigo
    * -Marsh Marigold
    * -Sanguinaria canadensis
    * -Puschkinia scilloides

    Plants I have to swap are on my trade list (see link below).

    Thanks, everyone. Looking forward to this.

    Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

  • sawreck
    16 years ago


    I have some sweet autumn clematis. It's a bit invasive, but boy, will it cover a chain-link fence. It makes a lovely white cloud of tiny beautifully scented flowers in the fall.


    email me at

  • annebert
    16 years ago

    Things I'd like that someone may actually have:
    3-4" pots

    Things I hope for:

    I'm sure I'll end up with all kinds of things undreamt of in my philosophy

  • giverny
    16 years ago

    On the off-chance someone might have extra of these, I would love to get any of the following:
    Spigelia marilandica
    Hexastylis splendens (or any glossy-leaved Asarum)
    hardy Cyclamen
    Phlox divaricata
    Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'
    Iberis sempervirens
    Fatsia japonica
    Heuchera 'Silver Scroll'
    white Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabalis)
    Tassle Fern (Polystichum polyblepharum)
    Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum)
    Cimifuga ramosa atropurpurea or 'Hillside Black Beauty'
    Hosta 'Yellow Swoosh','Zounds' or other good yellow for sun
    Allium thunbergii (or other allium)

  • cfmuehling
    16 years ago

    Thanks all, for the kind thoughts.

    I'm looking at a neat sedum, 'Black Jack' which I'd really like to have. Does anyone have a leaf or two?

    Also, the same darned chickens that were laying eggs under my hosta last year, have taken advantage of us not living in our house this last winter. They've roosted and scooped out chicken-tummy-sized holes in the garden. It looks like they've killed some of my hosta (believe it or not!) and several columbine. Does anyone have any 'Crimson Star' or 'Black Barlow?'

    They also dug up a heuchera 'Plum Pudding' that I'd really liked. Grrrr!

    I'll see you on the Haves. I think I might be able to tease some things out of our gardens!


  • tabassam
    16 years ago

    Hi all, i have finally come to the sad conclusion that all of my Salvia guaraniticas and mexicanas are not coming back. If anyone has an extra one....I promise to protect them better this winter.

  • kilngod
    16 years ago

    New Want list additions --

    Purple Millet
    Mexican Hats
    Eggplants (any type, I can't germinate these to save my life)
    Korean Mellon
    Yard Long Beans
    Acanthus mollis

  • kellyray
    16 years ago

    Kimka...I can't figure out how to contact you offline, so here goes: I'd love to swap some rooted forsythia for some butterfly bush. Feel free to email me to discuss!

  • faerieannette
    16 years ago

    I there!

    I am interested in woodland shade plants.

    dutchmans breeches
    Any Dicentra
    toad lilies

    basically anything that will survive my barren shady yard. Anything that you have extras of and could spare. Thanks!!!

    I am new and still have a lot to learn.

    I should have (hopefully for the swap) many winter sown blue hostas columbines and others (hopefully) in the years to come I do hope to be able to bring more.

    Thanks again!


  • faerieannette
    16 years ago

    I really really really would like a few boulders. They are so hard to find (and carry around here) especially with my 2 year old with me.



  • collectordi
    16 years ago

    I need some large(10-18")pots. Just the plastic kind that plants are sold in -nothing fancy.Of course I'd take fancy ones if you're giving those away.

  • busyasabee
    16 years ago

    Counting down to swap.....almost there!

    I will be glad to give a good home to any of these plants:

    Anemone Robustissima
    Bee Balm (Monarda) - red and purple
    Brugmansia (any variety)
    Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) Light Purple
    Blue monkshood
    campanula Cherry Bells
    Dianthus Arctic Fire
    Lamb's Ears (need lots and lots of lambs ears)
    Hostas (any variety)
    Spiderwort (any variety)

  • donnap99
    16 years ago

    I'm overwhelmed at what I've found at this site! I'm from Baltimore and will be bringing some desserts to pitch in, and don't want anything specific except to say that I have a new (to me) yard that's lacking any real landscaping. I can't wait!

  • treehouse
    16 years ago

    I want to get some interesting heirloom tomato plants. Last year's swap provided a bunch of really good ones, thanks Laurel.

    I am bringing a friend who has moved into a benignly neglected 3 acres and would benefit from the 'if the trunk is open and the plants are labled' policy.

    See ya on the 6th.

  • lynnt
    16 years ago

    I can't believe it, but I've lost all of two plants that have been relentlessly perennial in my garden for over a decade:

    - Jewels of Opar, a low chartreuse groundcover (reseeding annual) with garnet seedpods
    - Jacob Kline Monarda.

    There -- I've confessed -- I killed off Monarda! It was an accident, in the course of eliminating a stand of artemisia Limelight and Tansy, but it's true.

    Anyone got these two to spare, in addition to the private swaps I've arranged?


  • chrismd
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    If anyone has any of those little wire fences that press into the ground, I'd appreciate it. I don't care how ugly or rusty as I will be using them to hold down the deer netting in the vegetable garden.

    I will be coming late so if you have to leave before I get there, please give them to my friend Kathleen.

  • dawnstorm
    16 years ago

    Obedience plant (yes, I've a place for it to rock and roll!)
    Peppers--sweet & hot
    Amer. Beauty Berry [I don't know what the heck happened to one I got last spring!! >:(]

  • heyruthie
    16 years ago

    Just 'cause the swap is nearly here--these are my wants!! I have a lot of haves. Check them out!

    -ANYTHING FOR SHADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Foamflower, any type
    -Hellebores, any
    -Primula japonica (any tall candelabra Primroses)
    -BOSTON Ivy
    -Serviceberry bush
    -Hostas, any type--but esp. BLUE or BIG leaf
    -Trillium, any
    -Bergenia, any
    -Super Petunia, Wave petunia
    -Astilbe, any type
    -Goats Beard
    -Brunnera, any type
    -Spice Bush (Allspice)
    -Ilex, any verigated type, or highly fruiting
    -Black eyed susan vine
    -White Echinacea
    -mountain bluet
    -hydrangea, oakleaf, bigleaf, or any
    -Japanese painted ferns
    -Solomon Seal
    -Rhododendrons (esp. native species)
    -shade geranium
    -Japanese anenome
    -Woodland poppies
    -Dicentra (any)
    -Yellow or pink Canna Lilies
    -Climbing Hydrangea
    -Heirloom Tomatoes
    -Black rapsberries
    -Fig Trees
    -Alpine Strawberries

    IÂm open to almost anything!!

  • oogy4plants
    16 years ago

    An update to my previous wish list:

    Veggie seedlings- any tomato, eggplant, jalapeno

    Shade plants such as: ajuga, columbine, heuchera, foxglove, lamium, tiarella, wintergreen, Chrysogonum (green and gold), ferns, geranium

    Other plants: Dianthus, sea thrift (Armeria), Iris cristata, Mazus reptans, creeping phlox, daylilies

    See everybody there!

  • cfmuehling
    16 years ago

    How 'bout a last minute want?

    I'm teaching in the morning, so I won't arrive before 11:00, I don't think. I'd be thrilled if someone saved me a spot under a tree or up near Heniretta's driveway fence.

    I'll be driving my gorgeous little red truck, and maybe, just maybe, bringing a little wagon train of my students. I'm hoping, anyway!

    See you Saturday. I'm so excited.

  • avoirgold
    16 years ago

    Last minute pie in the sky full list of things I would like to have. :-)

    Really anything that isn't too invasive or needy. I love interesting foliage as much as blooming plants. Purple foliage is my favorite.
    Asarum (Wild Ginger)
    Astilbe (Bright colors)
    Burning Bush
    Daylilies (happy returns or any reblooming variety)
    Dianthus (Sweet William)
    Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)
    Digitalis (Foxglove)
    Dwarf Holly
    Epimedium (Barrenwort)
    Ferns (full shade)
    Hostas (Large leaf blue or green varieties)
    Mirabili Jalapa (Four O'clocks)
    Nepeta (Catmint)
    Phlox (groundcover and tall)
    Rosemary (Hardy)
    Sedum Ruby Glow
    Solomon's Seal
    Vinca (variegated)
    Warminster Broom
    Plum Tomatoes


  • giverny
    16 years ago

    I want your expertise! If I have time before the swap I'm going to dig up a few things I'd like to get identified. I think all are just weeds, except possibly a fleshy wildflower. May also have a cutting from a flowering bush. So, stop by my car and tell me what you think.


  • treble
    16 years ago

    sorry for the late notice, but just found out I can make it tomorrow...
    if anyone has any extra fragrant plants, I would love to take them off your hands, especially fragrant creepers, like corsican mint, thymes, lavenders, lemony, anything underfoot...or low maintenance fragrant overhanging... or fragrant long blooming... night blooming (nicotinia?).

    Also, advice on gardening while on immunosuppressants...


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