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have: have list for mag spring swap may 6 in burtonsville md

17 years ago

DIRECTIONS for the HAVES list:

1. Post a list of the plants you have, ideally with Latin names to avoid confusion, and cultivar names if they have them and you know what they are.

2. Read other people's lists. If you see things you want and would like to swap or trade for, e-mail the person directly to arrange it.

3. Do NOT arrange the swap or trade on this thread.

4. Do NOT post a list of plants that you WANT for swapping or trading on this list. There is a separate WANT thread for this purpose.

5. Do NOT discuss who will be bringing what kind of Bavarian apple tart food to the swap. There is a separate HAVE thread for food.

6. Do update your member page with your Haves and Wants.

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  • cecilia_md7a
    17 years ago

    I also will have some tomato seedlings. Other stuff that I know of right now:

    Roses - Shailer's Provence and "Paul's Driveway Damask," which I think might really be "Banshee." (And hopefully my "Darlow's Enigma" cuttings will root for Annette.)


    Canna tubers

    Tall Garden Phlox

    Magazines for Prof. Dirt (everybody else has second dibs)

    Various gardening books

    Extra seeds

    Probably some snapdragons

    I'll add to the list as I divide more plants.

  • gardengranma
    17 years ago

    Take a look at my trade list. As always, I am, still interested in anything blue or with unusual colored leaves (nothing invasive). Send me an e-mail if you are interested or just bring it (I'll be the host). If you are undecided what you want, we can dig, there is lots of everything. May may still be ok for lotus, Ms. Slocum. See you at my place, looking forward to it.

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  • tabassam
    17 years ago

    So far I am growing these seedlings:
    white nymph salvia
    coral salvia
    forest fire salvia
    rudbeckia toto
    nierembergia purple robe
    asarina antirrhiniflora violacea
    I'm still waiting on others to germinate (hopefully)outdoors. I'll be sure to update.

  • kilngod
    17 years ago

    Newbie here, can or will bring:
    Sm Perenial Black Eyed Susan
    Ajuga (looks like Jungle Beauty to me)
    Sm Annual Rudbekia (unknown type, looks like a mini black eyed susan, not a vine, lightly bicolored)
    Lemon Balm
    Possibly Sm Azaleas & Rhodadendrons - unnamed but OLD varieties (up to 40+ yrs). white, purple, pink, salmon

  • kilngod
    17 years ago

    almost forgot --
    Mixed Daffodills
    Wood Hyacinth (blue & white)
    Grape Hyacinth


  • heyruthie
    17 years ago

    NEWBIE HERE: please excuse nomenclature faux pas. (I don't speak Latin!)

    I donÂt know how to root cuttings yet, but I can give you UNROOTED CUTTINGS from the following:

    -Philadelphus (Mock Orange) common
    -Hydrangea Paniculata (Pee Gee) white
    -Lagerstroemia (Crepe Myrtle) hot pink
    -Forsythia, common
    -Plum Tree, delicious yellow fruit
    -Azaleas, varied
    -Viburnum opulus (Snowball tree)
    -Weigela, Wine & Roses(?)
    -Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) Light Purple
    -Hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon) lavender
    -White Camelia
    -Old fashioned pink rose bush. Single blooms--all summer.

    I also have for trade these PLANTS:

    -Hosta, white & green medium leaves
    -Hosta, pure green small leaves
    -Christmas Ferns
    -Sensitive Ferns (Prob? A woodland-y fern that dies back.)
    -Very tall ornamental grass
    -Crocus bulbs
    -Daffodil bulbs

  • sawreck
    17 years ago

    Siberian Iris -- blue flower, I don't know the variety
    Common Day lilies
    Brown eyed susans

    Tons of vinca minor -- let me know soon, because I'm going to start pulling it out of my lawn.

    starts of Rosa rugosa (Snow Pavement)

  • MichelleMM
    16 years ago

    Hi! I'll have 100 varieties of heirloom/hybrid maters. If you're looking for any in particular, please email me and I'll set it aside!

  • kellyray
    16 years ago

    I'm new, so I'm not sure these are exactly sought-after items, but if anyone is interested in them, please let me know. I'm still not completely sure I'll be able to make it to the swap, but will make an extra effort if someone wants any of these:

    Forsythia (if I can dig up the plants that self-propagated)
    Vinca minor
    Perhaps some hosta (unknown variety)
    A teeny-tiny azalea (unknown color)
    Possibly some hydrangea cuttings (Nikko Blue, I *think*)

    Approx. 8 rectangular (maybe 2'x1'?) concrete pavers
    A 6" metal-and-glass tube-shaped bird feeder
    Likely a fair number of smallish potting containers (presumably plastic...whatever Bluestone Perrenials will be sending their stuff in)
    Possibly some smaller, decorative ceramic pots and saucers

    I will add to the list if I think of or find other items.

  • kellyray
    16 years ago

    Oooo... a few more things that I thought of:

    Day lilies (of the orange variety)
    Acuba japonica cuttings
    Possibly some liriope (light green and white leaves with bluish-purple flowers)

  • kimka
    16 years ago

    Here's what I gave so far:

    Blue monkÂshood
    Spiderwort (its either grape or blue, I forgot to color mark them last summer)
    Japanese pachysandra evergreen
    Butterfly bushes (one year old) lavender flowers
    Rose of Sharon bluebird

    Cleome seeds (violet, pink and white)
    Impatiens seeds (multi colors)

    Calendula zoelights (pink and white flowers)
    Bunny tails ornamental grass

  • susanargus
    16 years ago

    Folks, could someone email me with instructions for putting my "haves" and "wants" on my profile? I can't find it in the faqs and I'm sure it's common knowledge.

  • lynnt
    16 years ago

    I've just begun to sort out my garden for the year, but here's a few things I usually have, in no particular order:

    - campanula takesimana (Cherry Bells)
    - chasmanthium (Sea Oats -- yes, I'll save one for you kilngod. Are you a potter? Glassworker?)
    - lamb's ears
    - blue Siberian iris, probably Caesar's Brother
    - maroon-leaved oregano
    - senecio aurea (good infill for dry shade)
    - lysimachia mummularia (gold creeping jenny)
    - tovara virginica (Painter's palette, the non-variegated form, green with maroon chevrons)
    - tall garden phlox seedlings, white to pink to purple
    - hellebore orientalis seedlings, white to pink (some for you, Rich in PA, if you like)
    - a few variegated False Solomon's Seal (Smilacena? One's for you, Kimka!)
    - variegated ribbon grass for part shade
    - acorus graminea (low shade grass, silver-and-white)
    - Comfrey offsets (symphytum)
    - hollyhock seedlings from peach stock
    - chelone (turtlehead)
    - tiger lily yearling seedlings (likely to bloom orange next year- want some, Juliat?)
    - seedlings of pink-flowered hardy begonias. Reseeding annual (some for you, Juliat)
    - tricyrtises Amethyst and mizayaki

    I'm tired of writing, so that's it for now. If you prefer, contact me ahead of the swap to arrange a shovel tour of my yard.


  • brenda444
    16 years ago

    I've only been at my house for about a year, so I don't have a terribly long have list, but I'll continue to update it if anything new pops up in the next few weeks. This is what I have now, but check my member page for updates (sorry I don't know latin names):

    Lemon Balm
    Creeping Jenny
    Two small azaleas - not sure what color yet

    Here is a link that might be useful: My exchange page

  • kimka
    16 years ago

    You add to my haves list:

    Four o'clock seedlings, probably broken colors
    Lemon balm (lots of it-it can be very invasive)

  • sfmiller
    16 years ago

    I should have these, subject to the usual weather/pest contingencies.

    PERENNIALS/SHRUBS (seedlings unless otherwise stated)

    Agastache "Blue Delight"
    Agastache "Golden Jubilee"
    Agastache rupestris
    Boltonia asteroides "Snowbank" (have lots)
    Delosperma cooperii (ice plant)
    Echinops bannaticus "Taplow Blue"
    Lavendula stoechas (Spanish lavender)
    Helleborus x hybridis (aka orientalis) (Lenten rose)
    Nepeta transcausacisa "Blue Infinity," small divisions
    Rose "New Dawn," from cuttings
    Rosemary, from cuttings
    Salvia guaranitica, divisions
    Salvia guaranitica "Argentine Skies" (seedlings, may not come true)
    Salvia virgata (aka nemerosa)


    Ageratum "Red Sea"
    Plectranthus amboinicus (variegated form), from cuttings
    Salvia leucantha (Mexican bush sage)


  • annebert
    16 years ago

    Here's my list, fairly complete. I do not need trades for any of these things; email me if you see something you want. I like to start stuff from seed and by progagation, and I hate to see someone have to pay for a plant that's easy to propagate. Pretty much everything (except ditch lilies) is rooted and in pots.

    Calycanthus florida (sweet shrub)

    Ditch lilies (might be other than usual orange; they're in too much shade in my landlord's yard)

    free tickets to a concert of choral music by living composers in Baltimore on May 14

    Salvia verticillata
    S. patens, Oxford blue
    S. farinacea
    S. miltorrhiza
    S coccinea coral nymph
    S roemariana
    Might have other Salvias from cuttings if they take

    Agastache aurantica Apricot Sprite
    A rupestris Apache sunset

    Doronicum orientale finesse


    Assorted Amaryllis of almost blooming size, color unknown because I lost the labels - let me know if you're interested.

    Mina lobata
    Hibiscus acetoella Red Shield
    Rhem palmatum
    Turk's cap lily
    Veronica longifolia

    Acidanthera - corms . Got a bag of 100 and it's too much for me.

    Books: Start with the soil - Gershuny
    Three Thousand Mile Garden
    Rodalel book of composting
    Chemical Free Lawn

  • krgallo
    16 years ago

    We have pink and/or white peonies to swap. Not sure of any details (here when we moved in). See my swap page for interests. Either way, we will bring them to the swap. thanks!

    Here is a link that might be useful: My trade list

  • leslies
    16 years ago

    I have just moved to the area and don't have a lot to swap, but here's what's available:

    'Happy Returns' daylilies (short, lemon-yellow rebloomer)
    hamamelis virginiana - babies
    clematis virginiana (virgin's bower)
    rooted offsets of Old Garden Roses: I think Chloris, Mecene and Jenny Duval have all started to spread.

    seedlings (small):
    rose campion
    centranthus ruber
    cheiranthus (species name unknown, orange-yellow, fragrant flowers, well-behaved plant)

    large assortment of seeds

    40-50 pound bags of horse manure

  • gardnwatch
    16 years ago

    Please see my "have list" for plants you might be interested in.
    I'm not concerned about specific trades...I do like thinning out my gardens and giving plants away.
    If you are interested in anything on my list, let me know and I will set it aside to give to you at the swap.
    I'll have some other plants not on my list
    I'll be bringing lots of pots of divisions, so look for me in a cranberry red Ford Escape because I don't want to bring them home.


  • kellyray
    16 years ago

    As I root around outside and take inventory of what I have, my list of "haves" keeps changing. Since I can't edit my previous posts, from here on out I'll just make changes to my have/wants lists on my profile. If anyone is interested in anything (especially newbies, since I'm new myself and I suspect most of you seasoned gardeners have plenty of what I've already got) please let me know and I'll bring it to the swap. (Trading will hardly be necessary!)

  • krgallo
    16 years ago

    Just planted up tonight:

    Siberian Iris
    Thymus Creeping (Lemon)
    Peonies (no idea of color)
    Dianthus, Hybrid -1 ("Ideal Magical Mix")

    See my trade list. See you at the swap!

    Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

  • giverny
    16 years ago

    Have the following:
    Persicaria 'Painter's Palette'
    Rudbeckia triloba
    Sedum acre
    Chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata)
    Asarum canadense
    May Apples (Podophyllum peltatum)
    Lindera bezoin (spice bush)
    Monarda (unknown color - got this at a previous swap, but it's in too much shade so hasn't flowered -- just spread like crazy!

  • cfmuehling
    16 years ago

    Guess what?
    It looks like I'll have some generic iris to share. Despite everyone digging out 5 grocery bags of them last summer!

    I should have a few hosta, and will be dividing some heucheras. I will have some 'Running Tapestry' tiarella, too.

    One plant at a time... one plant at a time.

  • oogy4plants
    16 years ago

    I have finally been able to take an inventory and it looks like I will have the following plants available for the spring swap. If you are particularly interested in any of these, let me know, so I can pot those up first, in case I run out of time before the swap. - Susan

    Purple Salvia lyrata
    Blue Nigella
    Tall Phlox seedlings
    Sedum ground cover
    Penstemon digitalis- species
    Rocky mountain penstemon
    Dwarf pink penstemon
    Joe pye weed- spotted and 'Gateway'
    Liatris seedlings
    Native goldenrod
    Virginia waterleaf seedlings
    Celandine poppy seedlings (few)
    Variegated Artemisia
    Rose of Sharon 'Bluebird'
    Geranium herb robert
    Dogwood seedlings
    Giant purple hyssop
    Cup plants
    Ratibida pinnata
    Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'
    Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

  • wishdesign
    16 years ago

    Another first timer here, and I'm really excited about the swap! My "have" list is on my trade page, which I'll update as more things start to pop up. In addition to those items, I also have a couple Brown Turkey figs and wild raspbery starts, a few hellebores x hybrid seedlings (extras from a trade), and extra veggie seedlings (heirloom tomatoes, melons, squash, Asian greens, and Aunt Molly's ground cherries).Send me an email if interested so I can start prepping and setting things aside. Thanks!


    Here is a link that might be useful: My trade page

  • heyruthie
    16 years ago

    I have updated my have list, recently, and I'llbe bringing with me SOME of the things on my HAVE list, but not all--so if you want something in particular, you'll have to email me.

    Also, I will be bringing a FEW bags of leaf mulch--really nice, finely chopped stuff that is somewhat aged.

    Lastly, I'll be bringing some BLACK GOLD: finshed bunny manure compost. This is iterally the yummiest compost you'll ever meet. I'm reserving this for some special trades. Email me if you know for sure you want some.

    Here is a link that might be useful: UPDATED have list!

  • kimka
    16 years ago

    Adding to my haves list

    Teasel (Its a Scots flower)
    Wall flower

    Potted up
    Butterfly bushes (lavander flowered)
    Mystic Merlin Mallow

  • kimka
    16 years ago

    One last add on for my haves list

    One rooted and three unrooted brugmansia (but rooting fast)
    yellow flowers

  • faerieannette
    16 years ago

    Heavy duty crates to hold 2 liter bottles for winter sowing
    6 or so they hold 8 bottles each! a great way to stay organized!

    6 or so 10inch plastic planters pretty terra cotta color (never used!)

  • faerieannette
    16 years ago

    I think I will also be bringing some cream puffs! they are so good!! but just stick em right to your butt!!! lol! maybe I will bring soem celery and carrots to much on too... lol!

  • krgallo
    16 years ago

    Here is a list of what we have to bring to the swap, and we will be there right at 10 am, leaving around 10:45 am! If you would like anything, email me to confirm we bring it. Thanks!

    * Astilbe
    * Hosta (big, bright green)
    * Miniature Allium
    * English Wood Hyacinths / Bluebells
    * Siberian Iris (purple/blue)
    * Black-Eyed Susan
    * Parsley
    * Thymus, lemon creeping Thyme
    * Peonies (pink and white, no idea what kind)
    * Yellow canna lillies
    * Mums - Pink or yellow & orange

    Thanks, all!

    Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

  • sfmiller
    16 years ago

    I've made a few additions and deletions to my list. Here it is again, minus the stuff that's spoken for and with the additions in bold.

    Agastache "Blue Delight"
    Agastache "Golden Jubilee"
    Aster (species unknown) (divisions), received in trade--supposed to be tall and purple, but I lost the label
    Boltonia asteroides "Snowbank" (have lots)
    Calycanthus floridus (Carolina allspice, sweet shrub), good-sized plant that I've finally realized I'll never have a spot for
    Delosperma cooperi (ice plant)
    Echinacea "Magnus" (coneflower) (divisions)
    Echinops bannaticus "Taplow Blue"
    Lavendula stoechas (Spanish lavender)
    Helleborus x hybridis (aka H. orientalis) (Lenten rose)
    Heuchera "Palace Purple" (large divisions)
    Nandina domestica
    Nepeta transcausacisa "Blue Infinity," small divisions
    Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus
    Rose "New Dawn" (from cuttings)
    Rose "Carefree Delight" (from cuttings)
    Rosemary, from cuttings
    Salvia guaranitica, divisions
    Salvia guaranitica "Argentine Skies" (seedlings, may not come true)
    Salvia microphylla 'San Carlos Festival' (from cuttings, if they root by swap time, which they should)
    Salvia muelleri
    Salvia virgata (aka nemerosa)


    Ageratum "Red Sea"
    Coleus "Inky Fingers" (from cuttings)
    Basil, sweet
    Brugmansia "Charles Grimaldi," "Creamsicle," and an unnamed white, probably B. suavelons (from cuttings)
    Plectranthus amboinicus (variegated form), from cuttings
    Salvia leucantha (Mexican bush sage)

    I'm short on bed space and my list of wants (other than more bed space and gardening time) is fairly short, so don't be shy about asking for something you'd like if you have little or nothing to trade.


  • kilngod
    16 years ago

    Additional Haves:

    Holly seedlings (many)
    Small rose (sprouted from old bush roots, older sprout of same type has small fushia-red blooms abt 2", might work as a climber too)

  • chrismd
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    They'll be small...but I planted the whole packet!

    No trades necessary. - Chris

  • juliat
    16 years ago

    Additional haves, which I potted up today:

    Cryptotaenia japonica 'Atropurpurea'

    Alstroemeria 'Butterscotch' (you can see a picture of the flowers at )

    A chrysanthemum that has purple flowers in the fall at the same time as other mums -- I decided the color doesn't work with my sun garden, which is mainly reds

  • brubeckgal
    16 years ago

    Plants we have potted for the MAG Spring Swap at Garden Grandma's home, from the garden of brubeckgal AND RyanZone7. We may dig more through the week, so keep an eye on brubeckgal's trade list.

    * Creeping Jenny, Moneywort - Lysimachia nummularia
    * Yellow Archangel - Lamium galeobdolon subsp. montanum (4)
    * Dark Dancer Trifolium (1)
    * Euphorbia / Cushion Spurge - solid green foliage, low growing (6")with yellow flowers.(4)
    * Euphorbia Robbii
    * Joe Pye Weed - Eupatorium purpureum (4)
    * Ostrich Fern - Matteuccia struthiopteris (4)
    * Japanese Artemesia - verigated (invasive garden thug)(3)
    * Lambs ear (4)
    * Persicaria - not sure which one (1)
    * Woodland sunflower (4)
    * Willow leaf sunflower
    * cuban oregano
    * setcreasea - purple heart - cutting
    * yellow tomato seedlings
    * nandina seedlings
    * *As usual, we hope that we will have a truck load of composted horse manure and burlap coffee sacks

    We are up to our ears in invasive perennials so we are happy to give these away. As we slow down we are looking for slower plants, particularly conifers for Brubeckgal and Prof . Dirt likes Hens & Chicks.

  • gardnwatch
    16 years ago

    I potted some :
    2 and 1 gallon green-leafed hosta
    2 gallon size wild blue Bachelor Button
    1- small purple butterfly bush about 2 1/2 feet high
    lamium, Nancy I think
    sedum in quart sizes
    2 unknown Salvia( red I think)
    1 small Chrysanthemum Becky- starter plant
    1 quart-sized lamb's ears, I can dig more
    sweet woodroff
    1 knapweed with small blue flowers
    lemon balm
    mazus reptans- purple
    and I have a few red raspberry plants( canes)
    geraniums, Johnson's Blue
    Bethlehem Star bulbs

    Anyone interested in any of them?

  • giverny
    16 years ago

    I have a roll of green plastic mesh "fencing". It is sturdy plastic (but needs to be attached to stakes in order to stand upright) with approximately 1" square openings. Maybe about 20' (not sure) and with some chicken wire also rolled up in it. I no longer have a need for this, and would love to get it out of my garage. Let me know if you would like it.

  • juliat
    16 years ago

    I also could bring creeping thyme.

    Also want to suggest -- please go take a look at It's a good alternative / supplement to GardenWeb. They don't claim the rights to all your photos, like gardenweb does now. And it doesn't cost to join, unlike DavesGarden (which I also like). You do need to sign up, but that doesn't take too long.

  • treehouse
    16 years ago

    I have:

    hosta seedlings (generic green)lots & some reserved for tabassam and busyasabee
    blue iris- set aside for gardenwatch
    lamb's ears for tabassam, kilngod and busyasabee
    black eyed susan for kimka and a few extra for anyone
    lungwort for anniebert and krgallow

    I have contacted some of the people I have things reserved for. I hope to see you on Saturday.


  • madeleinef
    16 years ago

    This is what I have:
    Lemon balm
    Wintercreeper - Euonymus fortunei with green and gold leaves (evergreen)
    Seeds - mustard greens, bachelor buttons, tons of marigolds, basil, cilantro

  • braspadya
    16 years ago

    Here are some of the things that I *could* bring to the swap. If you really want something, please send me email to danmgillespie AT aol DOT com.

    Sorry for the late notice, but I didn't know that I would be able to attend til today.




    -bearded iris (peach)
    -various low-growing sedums
    -Gruss an Aachen rose start
    -Hansa rose start
    -unrooted brugmansia cuttings (peach color)
    -Hellebore seedlings (both H. foetidus & H. orientalis-type)
    -plumeria cuttings, both rooted & unrooted
    -mystery Salvia seedlings
    -various elephant ears (Colocasia)
    -Hosta medio-variegata
    -Nippon daisy cuttings (unrooted)
    -ornamental sweet potato roots
    -Setcresea pallida cuttings (overwintered here last year)

    Things that you have to request

    -liriope starts
    -ajuga - purple-leaf
    -sea oats
    -sedum acre
    -perennial Black-eyed Susan
    -lily of the valley (white)
    -creeping phlox (lavender)

  • lynnt
    16 years ago

    On top of the items above, I have decided that I no longer care for my silver-and-green variegated acorus graminea, so I have dug up a three-foot swathe of it. I'll be bringing a big bucketful to the swap. It makes a nice solid 6" weed-proof groundcover for part sun or damp places, but I haven't tried walking on it -- it's very dense, and the roots are like iris pseudacorus. Mine took about four years to grow from one plant to a three-foot disk...

    I have many hostas that need dividing, including plain green and a large-leaf variegated, but won't take the time unless someone contacts me...


  • dawnstorm
    16 years ago

    HAVE (as of 5/2):
    August lily
    Perineal helanthus
    A few purple bean hyacinth vines
    Japanese maple seedlings
    Some gardening books

  • heyruthie
    16 years ago

    Here are some updated haves, *in addition to* what I've already posted above. I will NOT be bringing all of these, unless I get specific requests. I will be bringing as many "haves" as I can, but can't make a guarantee unless you email me!

    -Old fashioned pink rose bush cuttings. Single blooms--all summer.

    -tomatoes: cherry (Burpee sweet 100s)
    -tomatoes: unknown heirloom (just a few)
    -Golden Zuchinni
    -Sweet Basil
    -Sweet Alyssum (white)
    -Woodland Violets (purple and white)
    -Sweet woodruff (lots!!)
    -unknown irises (some are RUST coloredÂvery cool and unusual!)
    -Periwinkle (lots!)

  • giverny
    16 years ago

    Have just found a number of Sassafras seedlings, but won't dig any up unless I get a specific request.

  • juliat
    16 years ago

    I've decided some of my daylilies' colors just aren't working for my garden color schemes. I could bring two Klehm daylilies if someone is interested. 'Smooth Vanilla Pastel' and 'Afternoon Tea Time.' Pictures are here and here

    However, the pictures (at least on my screen) are not perfect. I'd say Smooth Vanilla Pastel is really a creamy daylily with a strong chartreuse/green throat. And Afternoon Tea Time is essentially sherbet orange. They are nice, healthy plants in great condition, and they have spent the last year in my garden, enjoying a good compost-enriched soil. My yard has no daylily rust, and these plants seem free of it as well.

    If those would be good in your garden, let me know! At this point, I am looking for healthy shade shrubs for my back yard -- viburnums, pretty azaleas, hydrangeas, or things that can take DRY shade would be great, and a few shade perennials -- possibly asarums, carex, hakone grass -- or ...?



  • kilngod
    16 years ago

    Lots and lots of heirloom Yellow Pear Tomato volunteers.....

  • madeleinef
    16 years ago

    Does anyone have a need for the following:
    -Small plywood crates (used to package clementines) that can be used as seed flats (7 1/2" by 11 1/2")
    -Yogurt containers, quart size
    -Produce ties (can be used as tomato ties)

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