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My current fantasy or merely a bad idea?

18 years ago

I am thinking of growing an informal screen (or hedge?) of JPs. Ideally of four season interest, but not totally necessary. I would like 5-8 feet high, but am not adverse to a little pruning to keep it at that level. (JPs are usually slow growers in any event so an annual trim would give me a chance to form the plants in any event.) I would like a bushy structure as these plants are to lightly screen us from the neighbors. Morning sun. Wet in spring, but the DC area is prone to late summer drought. Raised bed with high organic content.

I have some young coral bark maples elsewhere in my yard but they seem too tall and not of the right shape to serve as screens. My threadleaf's are too short and too slow growing.

Are there JPs that would serve this function or are they ultimately more specimen plants that don't do well in choruses?

The current occupants of the bed (red twigged verigated dogwood) are getting less happy as the bed has gotten shadier. So I was thinking of replacing them with plants that would be more tolerant of shade.

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