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Let's see the Streakers.

10 years ago

It seems all the most expensive Hostas are streaked.

I have one "Kaleidochrome" (pictured)

I got it from a roadside seller in Prince Edward County last August.

He said he'd had it potted for 3 years and it had remained stable.

Since this is now a 4th year plant and is still a single eye, I am going to assume it's slow growing...

He had quite a hosta collection on his large property and many for sale.

All were 15 bucks a plant regardless of variety or size.

Since 20 bucks is my limit for a single eye plant, (self imposed) this will likely be my only true streaker.

(I have Korean Snow, but it's not really that streaky)

Let's see your streakers.... (Not you streaking..._;)

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