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Hershey Family Nursery - Hosta Plantaginea

12 years ago

Hello Fellow Hosta Lovers!

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Hershey Family Nursery, and can offer feed back?

My devotion to Hosta Plantaginea, the old "August Lily" of incomparable fragrange, and still summer nights on back porches of old, verges, perhaps, on the fanatical.

I plant great beds completely in it, and the blossoms there produced perfume church, home and garden for weeks in August and September here in New Jersey. Flowers buds grow and elongate into what looks for all the world like elongated hens eggs one by one, before exploding into full bloom each night just before dusk. Madonna Lilies they are called by some, for their in fact their blooms do resmble the true Madonna (Lillium Candidum) of Rennaisance Annunciation scenes in both form, and fragrant essence. These are true flowers; gleeming white stars at night, crisp textured as first lettuces of May and dripping with nectar and scent; true centerpieces for the late garden, rather than more diminutive, though pleasing, showers of purple produced by most hostas. Plantaginea's foliage is heart shaped, and deeply ribbed. This always makes them appear "jolly" plants to me, if you can understand what I mean, but of course the unique way their thick petioles, and ever-so-thin but strong leaves allow these valentines in glossy green paper to flutter and wave in every breeze surely contribute to this impression. If you have never tried H. Plantaginea, I recommend it, with praise, and most highly.

I believed I had located a quality, fair priced source for Plantaginea in the Hersehey family nursery.

Their extensive list of cultivars led me to believe they were specialists who knew their plants.

Unfortunaely, the twenty divisions they sent me were not Hosta Plantaginea. They were a matte, course textured, non-descript lance shaped hosta, to my best guess, a seedling or cultivar with a great deal of common Fortunei in it.

What was more disturbing though was that the propietor seemed not to know, and not to care what Hosta Plantaginea was. To him, hostas were plants for filling in ditches and retaining drainage basins, etc. I have been involved in an extended palpal/credit card dispute with the nursery ever since.

But I will not judge to harshly nor too soon, and I do not wish to slander any honest plantsman. Hershey Family Nursery may yet, I hope, redeem itself with (although much delayed) customer care and service, but as of yet, I have not been able to obtain a refund, even after returning the plants at my own expense. I will report back to you when I have news.

In the meantime, are there any other members who would be willing to share their experiences with Hershey Family Nursery with the group. Are all of their cultivars mislabled? Is this a typical problem gardeners have experienced with them?

However, I never like to waste space on our forum with gripes, negativity and complaints. Who likes to read such postings? As such, please also use this thread to extoll the virtues of the glorious, fragrant beyong measure, Hosta Plantaginea.

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