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Discovery time

It's that time of year when I go around and carefully look at which of my hostas are showing signs of sporting and make a judgement call as whether or not to excise the sport this year or wait until next year.

Last year I'd noticed one of my 'Striptease' was sporting on a couple of leaves and decided to leave that shoot in place and see what showed up this year. Glad I did. It's now showing sporting on a total of 3 shoots, which were removed when I lifted the plant to refresh the medium in the pot its in.

Here's what we got:

The first two pictures are the same division from a differing angle.

I also noticed a 'Princess of Karafuto' that came up almost white, like it was pretending to be 'White Feathers'... It's only the one shoot.

There's also a 'Captain Kirk' division from last year that showed some promise then but it's not looking like much so far this year.

Time will tell what happens with these, I'm most optimistic about the 'Striptease' sport over the next couple of years.


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