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I did not flush an soak my rockwool, what do I do now?

13 years ago

Hello, I am very new to gardening. I've read alot now about different techniques and theories.

Last week, after reading for a while about hydroponics, I decided to get to action and I bought a slab of rockwool germination cubes.

Enthusiastically I started planting seeds (21 different types) in the rockwool last Sunday and moistening them with the intention of transferring to a DWC system later on.

Yesterday I read, to my surprise, that it is very necessary to flush and soak the rockwool cubes before using them if you don't want constant pH problems while growing.

I tried to get pH test strips as soon as I found out, but the drugstores were already closed and the hospital drugstore didn't have any. I'll get some today, but I wanted to post here first.

Yesterday I dripped all the cubes with slightly diluted white vinegar as a desperate measure. Not sure if the effects were good or bad, but so be it.

Now, finally the question I have: What do you guys recommend?

1. Can I flush and soak the cubes with the seeds in them? As some of the seeds are very small (like oregano, very very small) and close to impossible to get out.

2. Or should I throw away the cubes and start fresh?

3. Should I try to get as many of the seeds out and flush and soak the cubes?

4. Should I do something else?

5. Have I damaged my seeds by exposing them to the high pH of untreated rockwool and subsequently to a lower pH of vinegar?

6. Can I still use the seeds or should I throw them away?

I'm not sure if this belongs in the hydroponics forum, but I figured that rockwool germination is most used for hydroponics systems?

I think I mentioned all the relevant information, but if I omitted anything, let me know!

Just to mention, I planted the following seeds:

Basil Spice

Basil Sweet

Basil Lime

Basil Nufar F1

Greek Oregano

Chilli Ring Of Fire

Chilli Scotch Bonnet Yellow

Chilli Habanero

Chilli Numex Bailey




Water Lemon

Quadrato d'Asti Rosso Pepper

Garlic Chives

Dr. Carolyn Tomato

Alpine Strawberry

Red Strawberry Guava

Cape Gooseberry

Sweet Granadilla

Pink Velvet Banana

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