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Transplanting a mature Hydrangea

11 years ago

HELP! I have a very mature Hydrangea (snowball bush) its about 12 years old and was transplanted when it was small about 8 years ago. It is now very large (approx 3 ft high and 3 feet around) it is beautiful and has both purple and pink blooms on it. The location must be perfect because it thrives every year giving me 75-100 blooms. Just a little bit about my background-Im not a "gargener" and dont know much about plants and dont do well with them most of the time, but this bush is georgous. I dont believe I have ever gave it a serious pruning but I cut off the brown blooms each year before its ready to bloom again. OKay now for my question.. Unfortunetly I have to dig it up because of some drainage problems with our home. I will be putting it back but I have to remove it to repair our home issue, How do I dig it up? Do I have a good chance of it surviving? Once I dig it up what can I do with it until the ground is ready for me to put it back. I live in WV and I believe things will start budding in a month. HELP. ANy information that you can give me will me so appreciated!

Thank you so much Mariea Golden

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