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climbing hydrangea will not grow vertically

12 years ago

We have a climbing hydrangea that is 6 years old or so. Maybe 7. It looks very healthy and flowers nicely. It is against the side of our house on the south side, so it gets lots of sun. Roots are shaded by another plant. We want it to climb up and over onto a trellis that is over our kitchen windows. It has lots of side shoots and 4 trunks that come up from ground.

It tends to want to grow sideways i instead of up. The trunks tend to curve around each other and spread out. It is currently about 6-7 feet tall, but needs another 5-6 feet before it will grow up onto the trellis. Is there any way to train it to grow up? I have it tied to a downspout for support.

Should we cut off one or 2 of the trunks at the base and just allow one strong one to grow up?



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