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climbing hydrangea - ever climbing???

16 years ago

Hi All,

I have a climbing hydrangea that is... well.. not climbing. I have had it for about 4 years and it's against a poured concrete basement wall. It had started climbing two years ago, but last year we built a patio around it. The workers lifted her, and placed her BACKWARDS, with the branches that were climbing on the wall pointing out into the air... Needless to say she had to start over, but still this year it is not climbing on the wall. It is nice and healthy, it had one first bloom this year, but it is not growing much. It is under 2 ft tall.

I read in some places that they are fast growing... WHAT?? Do I have the right kind? I would really love to get another one started on another side of the wall, but only if there is a faster growing one.

Any ideas or suggestions? My soil is sandy, slightly acidic, well drained and I fertilize and water her. Any suggestions for the second one or should I give up on the idea?? I have 8ft of concrete basement wall that I need to cover....

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