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Am I crazy...?

18 years ago

Or maybe the light is being caught a weird way, but this looks almost like a Rufous female:

I had two shots - the above and when drinking (which is slightly dark and not quite sharp) and that coloring appears on the sides in a similar fashion:

This is as opposed to another hummer I snapped today as well who has been a regular recently:

I know at least one of my visitors looks like she is molting and is kindof raggedy-looking.

The questionable one has a somewhat squat body and seems to match pics of Rufous females but I'm not really sure as I am still new at all of this. I have had a RT female all summer but her coloring wasn't quite like this. In fact, I'm not sure if I've seen my regular female much if at all based on really looking at my pics and she looked like this:

I know the migrations have begun and I am now really trying to pay attention and snap some photos whenever I see a visitor because now that I look at the pics, I am obviously getting an assortment!

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