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Can I entice Hummingbird to feeder located outside 2nd floor window

last month

Back story....daughter adversely afraid of birds. Yes we sought help via psychologists but not much progress to date.
Put up a bird feeder in front of my home office window on second floor and enjoyed close ups of so many different birds while I worked away.
A few months later house infested with mice because all the dropped seeds on the overhanging roof below the bird feeder.
Finally got the mice issue resolved. Mice are cute but not in the house.

So I thought maybe I could attract humming birds to a feeder outside the 2nd floor window...I tried last year with a simple hummingbird feeder but no luck.

Am I pipe dreaming?

Any thoughts/ ideas or comments on what I could potentially try to entice them to my window feeder?

Thanks in advance for any comments

Live in Montreal Quebec, Canada in a well tree'd and plentiful garden back yards.

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