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FREE Crinum Lilies (Ellen Bosanquet)

I have so many crinum lilies- and they have made so many offsets - that I need to thin them out and give some away. The variety is Ellen Bosanquet and it has a hot pink bloom. These plants do not like to be moved so they will only bloom sparsely (or maybe not at all) the first year or two. After that, they go nuts. Mine are planted about eight years and they bloom profusely. See photos below.

They should be planted in full sun to partial shade. They need at least some full sun to bloom.

These are an unusual plant and one you generally do not find in even a well-stocked nursery (although I did see them once recently!). It is a plant that is usually shared neighbor-to-neighbor or special-ordered.

I am giving them away for free but you have to come pick them up. The bulbs are big and very, very heavy and unfortunately I just do not have the funds to mail them (unless you have sent me plants/cuttings in the past. Those folks know who you are and I will gladly ship some to you!)

If you are interested, please send me an email. My email address is mango252000-gw at yahoo dot com; it is a temporary email address and I will be deleting it in a month after I've given them all away.


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