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Ut oh... hosta too big? and other questions

14 years ago

I simply love hostas but never had a chance to buy or plant my own up until now. You guys have gorgeous hosta gardens!!!

Here's my garden situation: I have two 2 1/2' x 14' gardens in front of North walkout basement patio (with walkway inbetween) and deck above. I knew I wanted to start with at least one hosta to see how it would do. So I took a trip to the local GH and really liked the showy twisted look of H. undulata 'medio variegata' and brought one home (6" pot, with 4 stalks/eyes?).

The GH tag only listed height, NOT width. And from what I researched, they will get 3' wide. I didn't really want one that big because it will take up a good portion of the garden and not allow a smaller border plant in front (but I guess I don't necessarily "need" a border there).

After standing back and visualizing the gardens, I realized it would probably look better to have same of similar plants on either side of walkout (symmetry).


1) Since there are 4 stalks in this pot, can I divide it to make 2 plantings instead of 1? (GH owner kinda laughed at me when I asked and said "very carefully") :(

2) Is there another variety of hosta that would compliment this one in same spot in opposite garden?

3) Or... should I just find a smaller variety of hosta, buy two of them, and put this one somewhere else (lots of light shade around here; tall oaks)?

Ack... I'm such a newb to any kind of gardening. I don't really know "what looks good" or how to place things. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: H. undulata 'medio variegata'

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