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Cross over to 'The Dark Side'

11 years ago

Looking at Gesila's Burger King NOID brought out the "Dark Side" in moi! The City Hall in Wilmington IL has 5 hostas in a foundation border on the SOUTH side with not a tree or shrub in sight. The only shade they get is when it is cloudy. They were mature when I moved here in 2004, and appear to be Francis Williams. By early July they are pretty well scorched. Yet they survive.

Every time I pay my city utilities bill I have this itch to sneak back at night and steal a couple of small sections to take home and propogate. It is a DEMON that haunts me.

If I had Gesila's BK near my house, every morning when I buy my "Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Bisquit' and Sr. Harvey Wallbanger on the rocks, I would think about sneaking back and stealing a couple of small bits of that gorgeous hosta.

So if you see a retired, retarded, scragly white haired stranger with a cast from ankle to hip sneaking around your hosta gardens at night weilding a huge serrated knife and a plastic bag you will know who it is.

Have any of you entertained such thoughts, or am I the only hostaholic with this particular DEMON in my head?

Have any one ever DONE it instead of just fantacizing about it? You can fess-up. We won't tell anyone.


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