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I've gone over to ''The Dark Side''!

10 years ago

Many of you have lamented as to how difficult it is to find an independent Kitchen Designer. Well, due to needing a more predictable and regular income, sadly, as of about a month ago, one less independent KD is available in my market.

I went to work for a box store and now wear a red vest.

And, man, is it different! I'm used to helping a client through all phases of the project, whereas here, pretty much all they want me to do is churn out cabinet layouts for customers. They ARE in the middle of a change in their policies to allow a more "whole project" type focus and they've hired me as one of the first wave of people to help them implement that. But, there's still a long way to go and I feel like a fish out of water in so many ways!

There is one BIG change for them that s part of that tweaking their customer service philosophy. They have eliminated the bonuses given to cabinet sales people as well as appliance sales people. And there have been a LOT of openings in the stores as a result. Hopefully, this will result in better prices for the consumer rather than just eliminating a lot of experienced and skilled personnel. Time will tell on that front. (I think I will do a separate FYI post on that for discussion.)

I hope to keep contributing here as an "insider" to the blue giant, but I've been putting in a lot of hours just to be able to get my feet under me. Just their antiquated computer system alone is enough to make me tear my hair out!

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