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Ya-ha! Gypsy Rose finally pipped!!

9 years ago

Just as I was about to give up on her, good ol' Gypsy Rose finally pipped today. The 2 unknown pips, which I previously posted about, look like they are, indeed hostas of some sort, as one is starting to slowly unfurl. And I think I figured out what they are.

I found one of my aluminum stakes with an ID tag in the bushes, no doubt the handiwork of the "landscape workers" efforts to rake out leaves from around the bushes. It said "First Mate", so one of the pips must be First Mate, since I haven't seen it yet. And the other pip must be Sparkler, although I don't see any errant aluminum stakes or ID tags laying about. A very good thing about using aluminum tent stakes for my ID tags is that they are bright coppery anodized aluminum which is easy to spot among the mulch and bushes.

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