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My hoya is dying after I moved-need help.

17 years ago

This is my first post to this forum. Thanks to anyone who can help. I just moved from Chicago to Las Vegas. Sadly I could not take all my plants with me but definitely chose to take my flourishing hoya. I only know it to be a hoya as that is what I was told (long draping vines with bright, firm green leaves). I've had it for almost 10 years and it has always done well in Chicago as an indoor plant. It survived the 3 day car ride and I thought would love the heat and more direct sun as long as I watered it regularly. After just one week it looks like it got a severe sunburn. Many leaves have dried up but not fallen off. I took it out of the direct sun and it is still dying. Can I stop this process? I would hate to lose the whole plant. I know it is mad at me for taking it out of its comfort zone but I am hoping to save it so it can get along with the other plants that love the new digs. I don't claim to be a plant expert so thank you in advance for your beginner's level suggestions!--Greg

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