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ot---back home again--plus garden pics

11 years ago

Some of you on the Forum knew that my mother was in failing health. Mother passed away Oct. 5th and I have been in MO until I returned a few days ago. I was very surprised to see that a number of our plants were looking really good, so thought they might be worth a look. There is one daylily there, Beautiful Edgings, truly remarkable plant, and Miss Victoria has three more buds left and Happy Returns is putting up a new scape. Avedon

Pink Muhly Grass is looking good--this pic taken about 3:00 p.m.

"Country Girl Mums" bought at Antique Rose Emporium years ago and moved with us to NE Texas. They always put on a beautiful show in the fall, pollinators love them.

Country Girl Mums closeup

Kronprincessen Viktoria Rose--we are getting many perfect roses from our bushes.

We don't know why the rose bushes have taken off this fall, but this one is getting so large it is crowding into the blue salvia next to it.

Speaking of blue salvia, this bush that we moved last year is totally huge now, loves the new location.

The Rosemary prostrata is also very happy this year, and it has many blooms on it now.

Here's my favorite rose, Devoniensis, looking so pretty. This bush has grown considerably, too, don't know what's causing this to happen.

The lantana obviously has something good going for it, too. Yesterday, there were lots of butterflies on it.

Here's Beautiful Edgings, blooming this huge flower Oct. 23. I'll stop with it, and maybe do another post in a few days. Thanks for looking.

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