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2011 AHS Online Auction

13 years ago

Passing on an update on the 2011 AHS Online Auction from Don Dean. The fun starts in just a couple weeks!


Hi all,

Hard to believe yet one more year has lapsed and brings us to our ninth annual American Hosta Society on-line auction. Events such as this require the efforts of many volunteers, representing numerous hours of dedicated time. Thanks goes out to those who are instrumental in providing the support, created the site, are vital to spreading the information, donors of materials being sold, and all those choosing to support the AHS with their bidding. Special thanks to Bob Axmear for allowing us to use his Hosta Library site again this year.

We all realize that this has been a busy time of the year with spreading the cheer of the holiday season and participating in seasonal events. Each year many of you have kept our hosta society in mind and given generously. Let's give it a go again this year. Besides, once the hustle and bustle of these weeks subsides, we all love to look at great pictures and dream of our next treasure to arrive in the mail next spring.

BEGIN sending your donations any time beginning NOW. Include a paragraph description and digital photo. I can help with both of these, often getting back to you via email with questions or verification of info.

All proceeds go directly to the society's treasury. Auctions are a primary source of revenue to bring one of the world's best horticultural journals to its members and libraries across North America and abroad. The Hosta Journal can only stand to increase its standing as a premier publication as a result of all of your support!

We are set up to receive payments through the AHS website, something new instituted last year. All other elements of the auction remain intact. The following includes no changes from the past few years with the exception of the dates, January 15th though January 29th. The 5-minute of no bid following the posted closing time for each item will apply again this year! Give them a read though to refresh your memory. Once again, I will post any critical information, reminders, and tips in the "Non-bid Important News" category of the auction site. Be sure to peek at these periodically for updates or corrections as well.

Welcome to this year's event. Help your society out by forwarding this information to gardening friends that may not already be receiving this message. AHS membership is NOT required to participate in the auction. Who knows, after seeing the type of fun you and others are experiencing, they may choose to join us in initiating a membership! Each year some of us change our email address. Help these folks out by forwarding it to those friends that you know have participated in the past to ensure they got the word.

Thanks. I look forward to seeing the "old pros" return and meeting new folks that join us!

Don Dean

Here is a link that might be useful: AUCTION INTRODUCTION PAGES & CONTACT INFO

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