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Some on Saturday - pics

14 years ago

Late bloomer bed in back of garage. There are daylilies in there that have still not opened their first flower yet. I started this bed last year and it has really done well for me this year. One of my best ideas.

New ones were added in the second row at the very end this spring, so that end still needs to fill in before it looks fabulous. But I can't believe the difference in the size and beauty of the flowers already in there from last year compaired to last year. Much bigger and really, really nice.

SELLSTATION FRIENDSHIP in the late bloomer garden in back of the garage.

JUAVA JELLY from Melanie Mason in same garden bed.

HOW LOVELY YOU ARE, one of my new Rice intros. I must have been in the mood for edge, no eye that day because I bought this and WILLOW DEAN SMITH both at the same time. They have very similiar coloring.

CONDILLA an oldie but goody. I have had this one for a long time.


One of the last flowers on CITRIX. BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS blooming next to it is still going strong, I don't know why I didn't take another picture of it.

BOLD TIGER and LIME FROST going strong in the front yard.

A section of my driveway bed. This is what you get on August 1st when you combine northern bred daylilies with long bloom season with some late blooming ones.

VT HOME COMPANION from Olallie has been blooming.


APACHE WAR DANCE is I think Dale Thomas' best known intro. This is the FFO.

And last is Paul Owen seedling 495 which just opened for the first time today with two flowers. Looks like its going to be a late bloomer which is always a big plus.

2nd of the two flowers on Paul Owen seedling 495.

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