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Peach tree leaves turning yellow

Two years ago I planted my first 4 ft Tropic Beauty peach tree in my backyard. I am located just south of Venice and the tree thrived. This past March I added a second Tropic Beauty that I bought at HD. Only the original bore fruit last June, but it was a bonanza. Both trees are now 6 ft tall and seemed to be doing fine until about 3 weeks ago when both started dropping dozens of yellow leaves. Is this normal ?

They are both still covered with 95 % green leaves and just a few yellow ones, but beneath both trees are many dozens of the recently fallen yellow ones. Don't recall last year if this happened, but am curious if this is just a normal occurance. They have been fertilized and liberally watered by Mother Nature, am hoping some peach tree experts out there will tell me if I have a problem or not.


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