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vegetables &c for mid-summer planting... what are you planting?

i've got my summer crops in. many of them are just place holders--if they provide me something for the lunch box or supper table, great. otherwise, they keep the weeds down and provide me some green compost material at the end of summer... let's see: eggplants, four or five kinds of hot peppers, lima beans, several kinds of field peas, lots of peanuts, so many sweet potatoes, many large and still productive small-fruited tomatoes, okra. and there's always fruit--my brown turkey and alma are still producing a couple fruits a day each, awesome citrus crop in the making, grapes are ripening, bananas may fruit this year, the #%^@$ coons have been messing with my persimmons, but there are still a couple dozen fruits out there.

what are you planting while you wait for cooler weather?

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