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New home owner needs help with yard and landcaping.

15 years ago

Not sure if this is the right place for this thread or not.

My wife and I bought or first house and I need some advice. My lawn is in bad shape among everything else. I've read the Scotts Lawns book and am confident that Billbugs and White Grubs have caused most of the damage. I was thinking I would use Merit/Fert in the spring. My lawn is mostly St Aug., but Bermuda it taking over in the damaged areas. Which it OK I think that is what I want to overseed with in the spring. I'm concerned that shad will be an ongoing problem as my trees mature with Common Bermuda so is there a Hyb. Bermuda that does well in the shade or should I seed as well/totally with a different grass? What I like about Bermuda is that it is a fine blade, thick, and doesn't use a lot of water.

I believe my trees are Live (Encino?)Oaks. One is doing ok the other not it has stuff growing on it. Some on the trunk begins with a L... I believe its ok but can be a sign of a problem I guess. Some of the smaller twigs have "cancer" looking knots growing on them and then there is also green "tumble weed" looking thing growing on the one also. I've done a bit of trimming didn't remove more then a 1/3 of the tree mostly thinning it out cut the branches growing upwards and deep watering. I don't know what else I should be doing to help them along.

Bushes and what not. I have no clue was to what these are called or what I should be doing as far as trimming, ferts., and ETC. A few of them not pic'ed are growing well think, but need to be trimmed back some. I just don't know how I should do it. A few other are barely growing and some of the leafs look bad don't know what to do about them.

And last there was the vine growing all over my bushes. I cut it way back, but it growing right next to one of the bushes and I'm not sure what to do to kill it and not the bush. In the pic you can kind of see the 2 "Trunks" of the vine about 6" long now with some leafs small leafs growing out of them right in front of the bush.

Thanks for your help.

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