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1st time home owner in need of help - half dead yard

10 years ago

I'm a first time home owner in north texas (DFW area) , who purchased a house where the front and backyards were overgrown and neglected. It looks like when the previous owner was getting ready to sell the house, they had the backyard sodded in patches with st augustine (it looks like, please correct me if I am wrong). By the time we saw the house about 1/4 of the back yard was dying or dead (october). Fast forward to January, and almost 3/4 of it is dead and is becoming a mud pit.

My wife and I are planning to remove some large trees as the roots are invasive and creates a large shadow canopy that we believe probably caused the grass to die). I will try to post another picture of the yard after this post -

Since most of the yard is dead, I know I will need to re-seed. Since I live in a master planned community, it looks like most of the yards here use a cheap bermuda hybrid that the builder companies prefer, so I will probably end up planting that - but the problem is I have no idea really how -

From what I understand, I will need to re-till the soil prior spreading the seed, but does anyone have any other suggestions or am I missing something? I removed some shrubs in the front yard but was unsuccessful in getting some bermuda to grow there (it was later in october though before things started to get cold here) -

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated -

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