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Leaves turning brown on newly planted Italian Cypresses

8 years ago

I planted 2 baby Italian cypresses in front of my house about 6 months ago. I planted them on a north facing wall where in winter they only got full sun after 3 pm. About 3 months ago I actually dug them up and moved them a foot further from the wall so they would get more sun.
The move in combination with the onset of summer means they now get sun all day.
The leaves are now browning in places and the branches are beginning to droop. See attached photos. What could the problem be?

Spider Mites:
I researched online and learnt that to check for spider mites I should hold a piece of paper under them and shake the branches to see how many tiny spiders fall on the paper. I have done this twice now over the last few weeks and both times I only found one tiny spider. Should I be worried about a single spider mite?

No idea if the problem is that they have too much water on not enough. Italian Cypresses need to be watered sparingly, but when they are first planted they require regular watering. They are currently watered by a sprinkler, the brown leaves appear to be in the exact location where the sprinkler hits the tree, though that may be just a coincidence. I have turned the sprinklers off for now so we�ll see if they will recover without the sprinkler contact.

Any other ideas as to what the problem may be? When I first noticed the browning I applied a copper fungicide and some fertilizer.

Should I remove the brown leaves or just leave them? Is it possible that the tree has a disease then would it spread from the already brown leaves?

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