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Zuzu's petals and other blooms on July 15

12 years ago

I haven't shown any photos of Kitten #4, a scaredy cat striper who has been recovering from a neck wound. I hadn't thought of name for that kitty because it spent time out of view, hiding and nursing its wound. Today I saw it scampering and playing with some dried up petals, so I decided to call it Zuzu, after Zuzu's petals in the movie It's a Wonderful Life. She and Columbus almost look like twins, except he has some cinnamon coloring on his head.

Here's Zuzu with Tuxie

Zuzu peeks around a daylily pot

I noticed a lot of the ones still blooming are my favorites, and ones that would be in my Top 10 for the year.

ARCTIC LACE was a winner in every way: buds, branching, rebloom, pod parent.

NATALIE ANTOINETTE is my favorite pink and has well-budded rebloom scapes on every fan.

RUBY LIPSTICK seems to bloom in clusters of flowers most days. Another one that definitely makes my Top 10: gorgeous, plenty of buds, rebloom scapes and a pod setter to boot.

UNINHIBITED was my favorite double in Circle Bed this year. I love the marbled pink and cream color, the very large blooms and the fabulous rebloom. It wasn't a pod setter because I could never locate a pistil on the blooms.

IOLITE is a pretty lavender by Van Sellers. I think it's registered as midseason. But it always blooms late here.

RAISED BED*1 with AUTUMN JEWELS and RUBY LIPSTICK. As you can see, AUTUMN JEWELS has plenty of buds left.


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