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This Year's Trip to Cottage Gardens Daylilies

12 years ago

A couple friends and I made our annual trip to Cottage Gardens Yesterday. It was great as usual! The owners, Brent and Debbie Ross are so nice. There were many daylilies in full bloom. I took a lot of pics. Unfortunately, I did not clear out my card and I ran out of space after taking pictures of the sale field. So I have no pics of the house gardens this year. The house gardens are just drop dead gorgeous and many of the newer cultivars are in those beds. Oh well, next year.

I bought Graceful Eye

China Lake

Lexington Avenue

Soft Summer Night

My friends went a bit crazier than me, and I'll probably try to get them to share later on, lol. Especially this one, Android.

Check out the link below for more pics of lots of cultivars. Please note that we are in drought like conditions here so many of the leaves are not looking their best. Also it was mid-day so many pics of lighter ones look a bit washed out especially when the sun came out, but if I took a pic, they looked nice in person. Oh and of course, Debbie was dead heading behind me, so my pics lave lots of dead blooms, lol.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage Gardens 2010 Trip

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