New Butterfly/Humming Bird Planter

13 years ago

We moved here last January, and I finally did something to the yard. I have finally almost completed my new planter. I cut out the Sod in the shape of an "L" 25 feet x 12 feet and 4 feet wide... Oh that was not much fun. I also reworked the sprinklers, so the planter should get a nice rain like sprinkle and not a stream like the grass was getting.

Enough bla bla... here is what I placed in the planter, I am sure I will have to thin it a bit.

Blue Daze


Plumbago (worried about how big this may get)


Mexican Heather

Purple Fountains Scutellaria

Firefly Cuphea

Salvia (Dancing Flame)


Persian Shield (also worried about size, but the full sun may keep it in check)

Mexican Petunia

A couple other that I managed to get home with no tags.

I also have 6 Butterfly Bushes and 2 Scarlet Milkweeds along the house. (do we get Monarchs here?) Also, when do the hummers show up?

Here are a few Pics:

We have preserve land in back, cypress, pines and that tall awful weed.

This image you see the raccoon deterrent I built today. They dumped a lot of seed last night.

The planter also has 10 year old Plumerias that my wife and I brought home from Maui while on our Honeymoon. For 10 years they have lived in pots, we finally have a home they can be planted at.

What ya think?

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