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Need Backyard Ideas for Privacy and Entertaining

11 years ago

This is my backyard. It's pretty barren. See images here:

The backyard overlooks a retention pond. We have sod, a chain link fence, a screened in porch, and neighbors on both sides.

My husband and I would like to add a patio or deck to provide extra seating/entertaining space for a grill and such. We don't have a budget for a swimming pool and not sure we want one anyway.

We used to have two oak trees in our backyard but they fell down in the 2004 hurricanes. We have no trees, shade, or shrubbery and ideally we would like to have some shade and or privacy, but know that shade may be unrealistic because of the lack of mature trees.

Ideally I would like a space to have friends/neighborhood kids over to socialize in the backyard when the weather isn't too scalding. I am thinking some kind of patio. Maybe a pergola? But where? Left or right to the screened-in porch? Would it look odd to add a patio or deck when we already have a screened in porch?

What about a deck in Florida? Good or bad idea?

Also, contrary to the photos, I am pretty decent with planting and gardening. Any advice on what to plant would be appreciated. I am in coastal central florida, zone 9a.

Any specific advice on what kind of patio/deck/ would be appropriate and general advice on this Florida backyard is much appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard photos

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