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Thursday's Blooms

12 years ago

Dreams Of Destiny

Divine Sparkle FFO - very large bloom on this one

Mary Lightfine - first bloom this year

Rose Hampton - this one is showing more pink than previous years since I moved it to another bed

Squash Dolly - more lemon yellow than squash yellow. Not sure where he got the name.

Satan's Fire - my brightest red blooming today. Not crazy about the name but I do like the flower.

Gaudy Gaudy - my brightest yellow blooming today. This one has been having a hard time opening this year.

Taos - one of my favorite creams

Tahoe - not sure if it will show up in the picture, but I was seeing a little green on the edge of this one.

Misty Alps - received as a bonus last year and I like it. Very large blooms, larger than the listed 6 1/2 inch. Reminds me of a Munson.


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