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Some new Thursday blooms

sherrygirl zone5 N il
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Still fighting low nightime temperatures here. Had a few blooms that looked decent despite the weather. We have been getting some rain here, luckily the showers have not been heavy enough to ruin the blooms.

First bloom on Blue Beetle today, Tyger River want some attention too.

Little Light of Mine started today, looks good despite the weather. Thanks, Kay !

Mulberry Truffle with its second bloom today, its not quite fully open but acceptable for a photo. i call this a “neat” double, it should have bigger extra petals.

Undercurrent had two blooms its first day to open. It gets the ”open” prize today.

Soco Gap was on the list to leave the garden. It must have heard me talking because it seems to like the spot it got moved to last season. First bloom today, it gets a reprieve, more buds, bigger bloom and taller scapes.

Two oldies getting started, Moonlit Masquerade and Mary Todd.

Magic Lake making an attempt to open.

I had first bloom on Free Wheelin this week. I remember reading here this is a slow grower…..this it’s third season here only one scape, its almost a shame I like it!


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