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incandescent death-ray?

13 years ago

Spring of 2008 I rooted and grew out 24 cuttings using a blue-light incandescent bulb which put out an unusual, but effective, blue light. Well, the blue bulb burned out, and I have not been able to find a replacement. So, this year I switched to a regular light bulb!

This Spring I had 8 cuttings, all well rooted and with growing leaves. Until I used the regular bulb, at which time all the leaves turned grey on their edges, curled up, dropped off the cuttings, and I watched as every last one of the cutting died. The light bulb was never any closer than 24 inches to the leaves.

Has anyone else had an experience similar to this, or were my cuttings victims of some mysterious pathology? I tried putting my hand under the light at a distance of 24 inches, and did feel some warmth, which is why I suspect the incandescent bulb is a death-ray to newly growing leaves....

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